Revolution through Evolution


Emails are one of the most widely used features of Internet today, along with the web. It allows you to send & receive messages to & from other recipients. It helps in business, marketing & serves other purposes as well. In this modern age, as the world is changing fast & though the people are becoming less happy, one is bound to commit mistakes. Mistakes can even be email blunders. And the most often witnessed email blunder we all have made atleast once in our lives is sending an email to a wrong person or sending a wrong email to a particular person, sounds & feels bad in either way.

Life, boss or friend, may or may not give you a second chance but Gmail is giving you a second chance, to undo your sent email! Initially its “undo send” feature has lived in the Gmail Labs, the hub where company beta tests the new functions.

But every opportunity comes with its own conditions, there is a time quanta, exceeding which you won’t be able to enjoy the privilege of undoing your sent mail. This feature can be enabled through Gmail’s main settings, by check-marking “Enable undo send” under “General” tab. You will notice that there are options for time slice ranging from 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds. It’s up to you which ever option you feel like choosing, but I personally would recommend the maximum possible time offered, as it gives you a little more seconds to think.

So gone are those moments of regret, embarrassment & what not! Go ahead & try out this new feature. Make sure you don’t get too heroic!

Himanshi Gupta

Coding in my brain, colors in my vein.Still, my heart goes to all the creative things in the world. From sketching, drawing to painting canvases, I love anything and everything related to illustration. All i need is a paper and pencil and i'm good to go. If everything works as per plan, I wish to travel the world while expressing my art.