Revolution through Evolution

And Here Comes Firefox 39

The latest release of one of the most popular web browsers will totally change your Internet Browsing experience. Mozilla has released Firefox 39, squishing four major bugs and adding the new features first seen in the recent beta versions. With this release, OS X and Linux versions of Firefox finally received support for SafeBrowsing, which helps users identify if a download is malware. 

Another interesting update is that Firefox Share has been added to Firefox Hello, allowing users to start chatting from a weblink. Firefox Share is the browser’s built-in sharing platform which already supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and even Google+, without leaving the browser.Firefox Hello, meanwhile, is the much publicized implementation of the WebRTC standard, which allows users to start video chats without additional software. In terms of security, SSLv3 has been deactivated, which we know as an unfixable nightmare.

Along with a few additions to the developer tools, users can expect better HTML5 support and a bunch of fixes with improved performance and removed regressions. It is especially worth noting that most of the critical bugs that have now been fixed were originally found by members of the Open Source Community.

Sakshi Wagh

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