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The safer way to Search – Hulbee.com

Hulbee AG has launched a search engine which offers guaranteed data integrity and innovative technologies. In a world where we encounter the words snooping, spying, NSA, privacy invasion etc on a regular basis, Hulbee.com provides a secure alternative. It does not store or transmit any of the user’s personal information like the IP address, location, searches, cookies or even the browser being used. Since its servers are located in Switzerland, all the information is safe from the NSA or the European Union. Then how does it show us the required results? Let’s find out.

As explained by Hulbee CEO Andreas Wiebe, the search engine works on about 17 different semantic search algorithms rather than conventional algorithms to provide the user with the correct information, even when the user is unsure of what he wants to search. Instead of showing the most searched result, the Hulbee search engine displays a number of colourful tiles having various meanings to the query. Suppose you search the word ‘plane’. Hulbee returns tiles referring to the aircraft, the surface, geometrical plane, dictionary meaning and many more.

Another aspect which separates Hulbee from traditional search engines is the specialization in ‘mass informing’ of their visitors rather than ‘highly focused targeting’. So instead of collecting the user’s data to display personalized ads, Hulbee is more interested in, say, global companies launching a new brand or product, such as the film industry promoting the new movies. Intelligent Data Cloud technology helps reduce search times because answers are generated quickly and efficiently from data pools.

More on Hulbee AG:

Hulbee AG is a software technology company from Switzerland which has been producing its own software products and technologies for over 15 years. It is highly skilled in structured as well as unstructured information. Hulbee AG’s products help companies to analyze, archive and always find their valuable information. Furthermore, technologies by Hulbee AG are used in the areas of eCommerce, SaaS, cloud computing and business intelligence.

Hulbee engine maybe one of the most secure search engine, but it’s not the only one. Another search engine which promises to collect no user information is DuckDuckGo.


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