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Vivaldi Browser : A Look at Opera’s Successor

Opera browser did a lot for its users, the speed-dial was its trademark, the performance was fantastic and it had a lot of features ahead of its name like a built-in mail client, a built-in note taking. Von Tetzchner  ,(former co-founder and CEO of Opera) the founder of Vivaldi Technologies  thinks that money should be made what he sees as Opera’s missteps.

The browser will come up with the features like the menus changing colour based on the dominant palette of your active page. The feature of Speed-dial is inherited from Opera browser. For a keyboard user, the key shortcuts are highly customizable and might save you the need to reach for the mouse for opening a particular tab or launching a specific feature in Vivaldi. Its notes taking feature makes it quirky than other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. It helps the users to take notes of the websites they are visiting  , also provide a option to attach a screenshot of the site to their notes. Vivaldi also allows users to create “Tab Stacks”. Designed to prevent the browser becoming clogged with open tabs, users can drag tabs over one another to create groups.

In order to compete with the latest browsers like Chrome the Vivaldi Technologies should work on reducing the time for loading a web page. Google chrome is pretty good in it. Moreover, the full screen feature creates a problem to access the address bar. Vivaldi promises to deliver many more features in the coming months, including synchronisation of the browser history and passwords, extensions and “Spatial navigation”-a feature that will allow to browse purely through the keyboard. Vivaldi mail will be coming soon and is not included in its technical preview. 

Rishabh Jain

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